Haze Her Review

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Admit it, every time you watch a movie, as long as it’s real humans rather than animated shit, you always wish that at some point there will be a sex scene. But, why do you choose to suffer the ordeals of waiting for every hour long or more videos?

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As far as we know, there is no one who wouldn’t like earning some extra cash and if they happen to attain a certain level of infamy while doing it, well then, all the better! Inside the site Haze Her, you will see many ladies and gents who take on this opportunity to earn some cash and became famous. The site is open to anyone who thinks they have hot videos of themselves doing nasty sexual things. In most cases, the scenario involves initiating young sexy coeds into a fraternity of sisterhood through lots of sexual torment and games. If you join this site and become a member, at the very least, you get videos showing naked young coeds.

The site is growing or is in what we like calling “the nymph stages” meaning that they have a smallish collection of videos and pics. They have some 50+ episodes inside that consist of pics and movies. The pictures they have come in different sizes that you can choose. The site contains video formats like mp4/ wmv/ flv. These formats are only for streaming purposes. The biggest or highest quality videos you will get are in 720p HD quality resolution. We were unable to clearly see what their updating schedule looks like, not a lot of information on that aspect of the site. You will receive a high level of filming quality since the producers of Bang Bros Network are the same guys behind this one.

As for the content itself, you will find that it contains things that are related to coed hazing and lots of sexual lesbian-like play. If you fancy reality kind of porn then this site should be perfect for you. If you like niches like amateurs, coeds, hard sexual games, hazing, and tons of sexy gals stripping and being mean to each other, this site will also be perfect for you. Since there is not so much content inside, the navigation is plain and easy to master. The material comes with great description and info. There are options for watching the streaming videos and menus/Links/ and other tools you need inside.

Honestly, the thing that haunts us is the slow updating schedule that they have. Lack of information on the updating speed is also worrying. In the last two months, they have only been successful at adding one update, which is just disheartening. You also have to set aside the question of authenticity if you are going to be able to enjoy the videos inside this site. You really don’t have to concern yourself with how the videos are added but concentrate on how good and thrilling the hazing-coed-sex-sessions are. Haze Her needs more content if they want our full endorsement but you can sill check them out if you feel you really cannot wait!