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Fight within the rules of the Geneva convention, my big brother told me. Fight because this is war, and fight because the world is a sphere of guerrilla warfare. I guess he’s just the kind of guy who understands that in the brutal and cruel reality that we currently live in, those who worship the altar of political correctness, can only imagine. This is what I would call the art of war.

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Wow, how could something so chaotic be an art? In that case, anything can actually be an art. Even sensuality is an art and that is why to that end, I present to you a brief review on one of my most fav porn sites, Sex Art.

I’m a pacifist, which means I’m against war. Other than that, I’m pro anything that promotes the welfare of our society and the people in it. If you ask me what my stand on sex is, I think it’s really great. For one thing, it’s the means to procreation. Another thing is that it makes people happy, because body contact can raise the levels of oxytocins within the body. To cut long story short, Met Art has created Sex Art to let us know how we should enjoy the blessing which is the mechanism of procreation. It’s not about just being nude, but brave and bold. It’s not just about the sex, but the passion put into it and the love culminated in the immersion.

As a relatively new contender in the arena created by the Met, there are currently 27 premium quality videos for you to watch and alongside that would be 33 photo galleries. In both cases, you will be able to experience them in HD. As promised by Met, the site will be updated three times a week. So if you’re planning to subscribe, that means there’s a lot for you to look forward. The possibilities don’t end with the premise of the site which is touch on the most sensitive areas of porn without adulterating it with unnecessary POS.

Furthermore, the women are hot with beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies. They know how to do their thing when fucked right in the pussy by the guys.